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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  December 18, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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born prematurely. >> we have that coming up on abc2 news at 6:00. you'rewatching abc2 news, that station that works for you.. >> after last week's tragedy in connecticut, you would expect gun sales to be down, we'll tell you why gun sells have spiked. o'malley is speaking out about gun control. >> and she's behind bars for beating and starving a 15 year old girl to death. the parolecommissioner talks about the decision to deny her parole. >> it was warm this morning and then temperatures began dropping this afternoon and the wind started picking up. >> how cold will it get, let's check in with wyatt everhart for a look at that. >> the temperature is going to drop tonight but it will be much colder by the tail end of the week. first, tonight, clear skies,
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just a few passing clouds. winds are gusting at 10 to 15 and higher. if you have trash collection many the morning, maybe put it out early in the morning and not tonight. hour by hour overnight we're clearing, still breezy and colder as we drop through the 30s. a crisp start above freezing in the morning. we'lltalk about the later week in a might be. >> out of laurel, a high school student has been arrested for making what's being called a credible threat. >> laurel police confirmed there was a threat at a high school. they're not confirming which one. they're saying a student claimed to have weapons and said they were going to hurt students. the student has been committed to a hospital for an emergency evaluation. they saythis is a classic situation, see something, take
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action. we'retrying to get more information and we'll bring it to you as soon as we get it. >> now, continuing our coverage tonight of that mass shooting at sandy hook elementary, can he can hehave -- definitely another somber day as parents continued to lay their children to rest. >> a church held back to back funerals for two students. other students headed back to school for the first time since friday. for sandy hookelementary students, they are going to start classes next month. it's still undecided if sandy hook elementary will ever reopen. >> in a briefing with reporter, governor martin o'malley said he's looking to introducing some gun legislation regarding accessibility of semiautomatic
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weapons, school safe the, and the amount of rounds in a clip. >> we have saved some lives with these measures, by some measures, bus loads of lives from those we have spared from a violent death but clearly there's more than -- that we can do. >> there are currently 45 different types of assault weapons legal in our state. >> talk of renewing an assault rifle ban has fuel third degree sale of such weapons. we wentto the owner of pass dean that pawn and guns and he said the company that produces bushmast master guns like the ones used friday have put people on notice that they're out of stock. >> there are four wholesalers around the country, everything is sold out. >> according to state police, firearm applications that topped 5,000 in october will
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climb to more than 8 thousand this month ask. and applications will jump by more than 15,000 for the year. dick's sporting goods is pulling certain kinds of semiautomatic weapons from stores nationwide and su spendsing all gun sales in the stores closest to newtown. >> the national rifle association is releasing its first statement. theorganization says it stayed silent out of respect for the victims. they say they are quote, prepared to offer meaningful contributions to make sure this never happens again. >> and for more coverage on gun control and safety, visit and there you can find the latest information on gun laws and complete coverage of the tranl i did. >> now the developing story out of caroline county where a woman is accused of murdering her father on his birthday.
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>> he was found dead in a chair dm his kitchen yesterday. police say his daughter called 9111 to report that her father was dead but her story on how he died didn't add up. she toldpolice two men broke into the home and assaulted her dad. shefaces charges of murder, assault, manslaughter and reckless endangerment. >> three children are hit by a car in baltimore county ranging in age from 6 to 17. the drivercame around the corner and hit the children. it happened at hillsway avenue and hillsway court. the driver of the car did not stop, the children were not seriously hurt. >> and the woman in prison for beating and starving a 15 year old girl to death was denied parole today. satrina robertswas the guardian of see yar i can't jobes.
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they her family knew roberts well and they trusted her to care for sierra. the grandmother says she thought of roberts as her own daughter. >> the love she needed from my family, she got it. she calledme momma so many times. she didthat in front of her own mother. >> while roberts was given the opportunity to participate in a state program but she opted out of it. >> she wanted to come over to this prison because tlfgs opportunities for work -- there was opportunities for working and other experiences she might not get, however in doing that, she lost some very good treatment that could be beneficial and she offered no explanation whatsoever as to her behavior to cause this child's death. >> although robert's parole was denied the board
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recommended cognitive therapy for her. >> a dundalk family losz everything in a fire right before the holidays. neighborsare pitching in to help out. two children were in the home when it went up into flames. the kids escaped and. the causeof the fire is still under investigation. you can donate clothes and shoes to help out the family at #208 209 ash wood road and 3733 charles mount road in dundalk. . >> and an update on the apartment fire. 21 people were taken to the hospital after escaping the burning building. the juries were -- injuryings were suffered when they jumped to safety. fire marshalls and cambridge police are investing the cause of that fire. >> with technology, it's not hard for scammers to get your
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information and really mess up your life but investigators in our state are getting some help. they heard about new tools to battle fraud and identity theft during a special summit today. police officers throughout the state are getting help in the battle against identity thieves and the county already has a special yupt to handle these crimes but the the chief says they need the latest information. >> you can't solve one of these cases in 30 minutes so we need people that are trained as this training opportunity offers and dedicated toward this field. >> id theft and fraud have become bigger problems for the police force over the years and they expect to dedicate dozen offense officers to this filed. >> the struggle continued between democrats and republicans to reach a deal on the fiscal cliff before the end of the year.
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democrats rejectedplan b which would extend the busher rna tax cuts -- bush era tax cuts for everyone making less than 4 hundred thousand. the two sides are struggling to come to a compromise. >> compromising takes courage, walking away as they have done is so easy, but there's a small but vocal minority pulling the string ises in the republican caucus in the house. the teaparty's agenda could not be further from the priorities of middle class americans. >> democrats continue to ask for a tax hike on those earning more than 250 thousand dollars a year. >> msh -- more than three hundred newborns are treated a year at this hospital. we'llshow you how they plan to up a-grade their unit to dear for the babies. >> and the holidays are full
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of sweets and treats we love. we'll give you an idea for el thi stocking suffers for your kids. there's a giant staircase, and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. . >> what doesn't work when the
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power's out, your garage door opener and if you just got home in the rain, your night's --
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. >> the hospital admitings more than 300 baby as at their neonatal care unit every year but the area is small and out dated. abc2 news is there this is my first time holding her so this is good. >> she's been doing a lot better. >> for new parents, sean and stephanie, the thrill of being able to love, hold and feed
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their newborn, distances them from the complications of the pregnancy. >> her due date was general 22nd and she came -- january 22nd. . >> it's tough on parents who want to spend as much time as they can with their babies. thehospital was built in 1989. there are curtains that separate the patients and give the families virtually no privacy. >> it would be better if everybody had their own space because you don't want to interrupt anybody else's private time with their child. >> franklin square kicked off the 400-0000 sdlar campaign to elected officials and business owners. it's called tiny feet, tiny hands and big hearts. the goal is to make the nicu a state of the art facility. >> it's going to have individual rooms so parents will be able to stay in the
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rooms. . >> if you have a private room where each baby is in their own environment and each family is in their own environment, it makes control much easier. >> the unit will increase to 8 8,000 square feet. >> moms like me wouldn't have to have sleepless nights at home and can stay with their by -- babies giving those with the the tiny feet, tiny hands and a big heart, a better quality of life. >> . . >> now if you'd like to contribute to the nicu at franklin square hospital, call 443-777-f 7980. we'll post a link to the story on our website at franklinsquare would like to break ground in july of 2014.
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>> there is controversy over the use of mirror saul. --thigh mere saul. it containsmercury and the mercury has been removed from -- removed from most vak seens but the american academy of pediatrics says there should not be a ban on this. that means vaccines would not be a vak seens available in third world countries if you're still looking for stocking stuffers for the kids, skip all the candy kanes and sweets and -- kanes and use some healthy options with like fruit or trail mix. another way to fill stockings is by making healthy stuff. >> they can look up to those and make healthier decisions
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after the holidays. so everytime your child goes out and tries to be active, reward them with with something healthy. every time they get this, they're earning a prize on their sglis there you go. >> wait a minute, i'm not finished. if you want to give them chocolate, give them dark chocolate. >> all right. at least it's chocolate. >> and now, maryland's most accurate forecast.. >> maybe throw in some lean turkey jerky. already maryland most powerful radar, five sweeps scanning crystal clear. we'redry the next 24 to 48 hours. and 47 degrees now as the winds gust ot out of the west. sunsetat 4:46.
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short days looking like december except for the white christmas wish. parkvilletoday, it was sunshine on tap. beautiful blue skies there. anda lovely finish to the day here and a nice warm morning in laurel before the chill came in at the home of the spartan. most of those schools getting ready for a vacation. windsfrom the west at 15 to 20 gusting higher. we've had gusts to 30 and higher in the last f 60 minutes or so. temperatures beginning to drop. they were comfortable earlier, now we're in the 40s. how doesthat stack up to tomorrow, temperatures fighting their way into the low 50s across baltimore county. and as you go further to the
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west, this is where you'll find temperatures probably only in the low 50s on that westerly l breeze. thebright sunshine will make it feel more comfortable. take alook north and west, a couple l of showers up in pennsylvania. the big weather is in northern new england. here it's just dry, cool and breezy. we willbe dry tomorrow but the temperature will change. tonight, sort of a seasonal chill and tomorrow back into the low 50s. but then colder air begins to build across the northern plains and this cold air here is going to sweep down for the end of the week. withthat is another round of precipitation. it looks like just about all rain but there could be a few wintery showers on friday. dry and relatively mild weather tomorrow.
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then aswe work into thursday, we bring in our next system, this one bringing showers late thursday night into early friday and some of those could bring a few wet flakes with the chilly air on friday. that's about all i've got for you. 54 tomorrow for the two degree guarantee. niceday tomorrow and a chilly night. next few days, late thursday, somehow everies, rain overnight, could finish off with wintery mixed showers into friday. andthen friday we'll clear out into friday night and saturday. plenty of sunshine on tap for the weekend. travel weatherlooks good christmas eve into christmas day. >> if you're not a good boy you're getting dried fruit.
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>> or turkey jerky. >> no surprise, gangnam style is the top youtube video of 2012. not only is it the most watched youtube video of the year, it's also most watched of all time. did i say that twice. other popular individual yoes include a cover of the song somebody i used to know and call me maybe. >> that should've been no. 1. >> even in the middle of winter, you'll probably head to the zoo this year. >> the zoo announcing the hours they will be open in january and february. you can visit from 10:00 to 4:00 and during the winter action admission is half price. . >> just bundle up. >> we're helping you get into
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the festive mood for the holidays. log on to guide and there you can find a map of lights and holiday displays and you know, tomorrow is the last day you can donate to the abc2 news kinder time toy drive. run out, pick up a new, unwrapped toy and bring it in for a child. you can drop it off at most wal- marts or at our station on york road. for acomplooes list of locations head to nba nba -- >> coming up tonight after world news, stick around for the list. let's look at what they're working on. >> all trains big and small are on display here at the railroad muz museum
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seum . . >> we twanlt to clarify a story we brought you a few minutes ago. there was a crash involving three children and a street crossing, the driver did stop. we want to em a-from size that. the children were not seriously injured but the driver did stop and help out. >> quick check of weather,
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winds still around 10 to 15 in spots. overnight temperaturesdown to 30 so dress warm. >> we'll see you at 11:00. look, if you have copd like me, you know it can be hard to breathe, and how that feels. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema.
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